On Thinking

Thinking never stops. We are constantly thinking about one thing or another. However, it often leads to overthinking. How do we allow good thoughts to flow while simply acknowledging and discarding the bad ones? Like actual good thoughts about the world, future, technology, or anything else.

Let me put it this way: Just like thinking, breathing never stops. Nevertheless, there are a few breathing techniques that help you feel calmer and can increase your focus. Similarly, there must be some way of allowing good thoughts to flow.

There must be multiple ways, but I think these two matter a lot:

  1. New Experiences. Meeting new people, traveling to new places, and learning and understanding about people and places that are different from you.
  2. Constantly gather knowledge or a new perspective — from books, movies, playing games, planting trees, or hiking a mountain. Pretty much anything to keep the curiosity alive.