People you may never know

How many times have you read "people you may know" or "suggested for you" on one of your social media timelines? Probably once a day on average. They are probably friends of your friends with whom you might find something in common. That's great. Now, how many of those folks do you meet in person? Probably none, maybe a few?

During their lifetime, an average person only meets 0.00102% people of the world's population. You never meet the remaining 99.99%, and that is massive, nay, unfathomable. I realized I wanted to change that. I wanted to connect with new people, learn from them, share my learnings, and explore new ideas together with them. So I decided to join some incredible folks for a walk and talk in my neighborhood, and boy, did that feel good.

If you are reading this, it is your sign. Take the first step, go beyond the digital boundaries, and meet people you otherwise would have never known. You'd make great friends along the way or it might simply alter the course of your life, who knows?