Week 27

The Eye of the Sahara

Week 26

The History of Playing Cards
Tourette Syndrome

Week 25

Enduring Mystery of How Water Freezes
How India conducted the world's largest election

Week 13 - 24

Enjoying spring,
experimenting with screen time,
and questioning life's purpose

Week 12

Arctic Circle
We always see the same side of the moon

Week 11

Signal for help
Richard Mille UP-01 Ferrari — world's thinnest watch

Week 10

It's not boring to be here
World Instant Noodles Association
devin.ai — The First AI Software Engineer
80-90% of quartz for computer chips come from two mines
World Barista Championship

Week 9

The Vernal (Spring) Equinox Explained
Palio dei Caci — cheese-rolling competition

Week 8

Font Review Journal
What's the highest point on Earth? It depends
Humans are the only animals with a chin
Yutori — the art of spaciousness

Week 4 - 7

Winter blues

Week 3

You can hypnotize a chicken by drawing a straight line
Why does steam come out of sewers?
How to prepare yerba mate (traditionally)
Vaccum Frying

Week 2

Why do coffee cups have a tiny second hole on the lid?
What is Seitan?
Tree.fm — listen to a random forest
10 facts about Louvre, the world's largest museum

2024   —   Week 1

Bauhaus Movement
Pineapple is a multiple fruit
The Longest Year in Human History

Week 52

Travel + Vacation

Week 51

Aerogel — world's lightest solid
Heat's Impact on Foods
23-year-old engineering student created the recycling logo

Week 50

Why don't we feel Earth's rotation?
Infinite Flowers
Why do animals' pupils come in different shapes?

Week 49

How does a door handle work?
Never Too Small
Air Traffic Controllers take 30m break every 2h
Don't Waste Food
How does Shazam work?

Week 48

The world's largest Iceberg (A23a) is on the move
First woman to contact the Sentinelese
World Burgernomics
US Navy's Indoor Ocean

Week 47

Rich Neighbourhoods of Tokyo
Intro to Large Language Models by Andrej Karpathy
How a Fire Sprinkler Works
World's Smallest Desert
How UPI Is Reshaping India’s Payment Industry

Week 46

Vacation week, Happy Diwali

Week 45

A Visual History of iPod
5 Most Produced Commercial Aircrafts
Hiyayakko (cold tofu)
Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci

Week 44

Cumulonimbus Cloud
How do Corals Reproduce?
Heat's Impact on Foods
Porcelain in the Joseon Dynasty, 1392–1910
Why Is Everything White in Mykonos?

Week 43

How to Tour Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni
Everything you've ever wanted to know about coffee
What 1,000,000 mosquitos look like
St. Elmo's Fire

2023   —   Week 42

All celebrity Wikipedia photos are from San Diego Comic-Con
What happens when you send a text?
UPenn owns mRNA patent, not Moderna or Pfizer
From breakfast to desert — brands owned by General Mills
Benefits of Chlorophyll


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